EcoWellDog Emerges as the Leading Supplier
of All-Natural Grooming Products

Orlando, FL March 2011 | Competitors for almost seven years, Cain & Able Collection and Happytails, pioneers of high-quality canine spa products, joined forces this January to create EcoWellDog, the industry leader in the natural canine grooming and wellness categories. The company makes its public debut at Global Pet Expo in Orlando on March 16.

"This move, which brings together five brands that serve multiple channels, positions the new company as the definitive source for natural grooming and wellness products," said Candace Leak, CEO of EcoWellDog and founder of Cain & Able Collection. "We will be able to raise the bar even higher in the quality and type of products available in canine wellness. This is our specialty."

The firm's brands include: Cain & Able Collection, Happytails Canine Spa Line, Dirty & Harry, KissAble and Dogmaceuticals which serve different segments of the pet industry, from boutiques, eco-focused stores and mass market. "All of the brands, no matter what channel they are in, are all natural, free of parabens, coloring, SLS and harsh chemicals," said Leak. Each brand will retain its unique identity and will continue to expand its offerings.

"Both companies have always had the same purpose; to create natural products and remedies to nurture our pets and strengthen the human-canine bond, so it was a natural fit" says Lorna Paxton, President of EcoWellDog and co-founder of happytails Canine Spa Line. "We've found that most stores carry both the Happytails and Cain and Able brands quite comfortably and the lines tend to complement rather than compete with one another." She said that customers won't notice any discernible difference except for the convenience of being able to place one order to one location and have one number for customer service.

Kevin Fisher, co-founder of happytails and the third member of the triumvirate said, "In the current business climate it's important to offer your customers every convenience you can. Shipping from the middle of the country will help save our customers money and enable us to offer quicker delivery."

Paxton concludes, "We're so excited to bring together the highest quality all natural grooming brands. We'll definitely be capitalizing on our combined experience to bring out many new innovative, cutting-edge products to help solve problems that dog owners face. We have some really unique line extensions in the pipeline, so stay tuned!"

EcoWellDog, a majority woman- owned business, creates eco-friendly spa, grooming and wellness products that solve the toughest problems dogs face, like itchy skin, ear infections, tear stains, dental disease and odor.
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